WATRD - 2001 Supercharged Solid-Axle Toyota Tacoma

Hi and welcome!

I built this truck when the opportunity came along because the stars aligned and I found myself in position where I could build the truck that I had always wanted. I had previously had Toyotas, Jeeps, Blazers and a few other things along the way that all had one thing in common, they were held together with bailing wire and duct-tape. In building WATRD, I was fortunate to be able to upgrade pretty much everything as I went along. With the help of a couple incredible people, to whom I will always be grateful, this truck was “Built Not Bought“.

WATRD doesn’t see the trails as much as I might like these days, but I still love every minute I am operating it. In this rig, I’ve wheeled trails all over Washington, Oregon, Idaho and B.C., plus a few visits into Montana and even Northern California, but, since the question always comes up; “Sure, I will sell it to you. Just make me an offer that I can’t refuse!” 😉